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Fresh Water

Fresh Water Pumps

Wherever you need to get freshwater to, we have a pump for you!

From compact, low flow pumps to heavy-duty high pressure pumps you will find the best range of reliable pumps below.

Jabsco has recently upgraded some of their pumps to heavier-duty versions ensuring longer life and exceptional performance, the below table lists the superseded and new models. Please contact us on 07 5502 848 if you have any questions. 

*New Jabsco Freshwater Pumps*
 Old Model  Jabsco   New Model  Jabsco   Product
 J20-099  42630-2900  J20-094  42630-3512-3C  Par-Max 1 PLUS 12v
 J20-102  31395-0092  J20-202  31395-4012-3A  Par-Max 3.0 40PSI 12v
 J20-105  31395-0094  J20-205  31395-4024-3A  Par-Max 3.0 40PSI 24v
 J20-108/J20-110  32600-0092/31620-0092  J20-210  Q401J-115S-3A  Par-Max 4.0 40PSI 12v
 J20-109/J20-111  32600-0094/31620-0094  J20-211  Q402J-115S-3A  Par-Max 4.0 40PSI 24v
 J20-180  82500-0092  J20-280  P501J-118S-3A  Par-Max 5.0 60PSI 12v 
 J20-184  82600-0092  J20-284  P601J-218S-3A  Par-Max 6.0 60PSI 12v
 J20-185  82600-0094  J20-285  P602J-218S-3A  Par-Max 6.0 60PSI 24v