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Deck Washdown

Pumps for Deck Washdown

Do you need a deck washdown pump? Jabsco are the world leaders in pumps, so rest assured whichever size you need will deliver exceptional reliable performance. 

Jabsco has recently upgraded some of their pumps to heavier-duty versions ensuring a more robust construction and even higher performance, the below table lists the superseded and new models. Please contact us on 07 5502 848 if you have any questions. Jab

*New Jabsco Deck Washdown Pumps*
 Old Model  Jabsco   New Model  Jabsco   Product
 J20-138  32605-7001  J20-238  Q401J-118N-3A  HotShot 4.0 Deckwash Pump Kit 12v
 J20-139  32605-7004  J20-239  Q402J-118N-3A  HotShot 4.0 Deckwash Pump Kit 24v
 J20-162  32900-0092  J20-262  Q401J-118N-4A  HotShot 4.0 Deckwash Kit & Hose 12v
 J20-140/J20-148  32700-0392/82505-0092  J20-248  P501J-119N-3A  HotShot 5.0 Deckwash Pump Kit 12v
 J20-152  82605-0092  J20-252  P601J-219N-3A  HotShot 6.0 Deckwash Pump Kit 12v
 J20-153  82605-0094  J20-253  P602J-219N-3A  HotShot 6.0 Deckwash Pump Kit 24v
 J20-154  82906-0092  J20-254  P601J-219N-4A  HotShot 6.0 Deckwash Kit & Hose 12v