Aurora Boat Care products will provide you with the best care your boat can get!

These products perform exactly as stated on the label, so you know what to expect from your purchase. They are safe to use, safe for your boat and environmentally friendly. 

See how to completely restore a unloved RIB in less then 60 minutes!

  • Speed Clean - Inflatable Clean and Restorer

    Speed Clean - Inflatable Clean and Restorer

    SPEED CLEAN - INFLATABLE CLEANER & RESTORER Speed Clean removes chalking, stains, scuffs, grime, rust and diesel on inflatables. Ideal for use on inflatables, zodiacs, RIB's, inflatable canoes and dinghies made from hypalon, PVC, Fibreglass,...

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  • Repelin - Inflatable Foul Repellant

    Repelin - Inflatable Foul Repellant

    REPELIN - INFLATABLE FOUL REPELLANT Super-hydrophobic, foul release bottom coating prevents osmosis blisters and protects zodiac boats, inflatable canoe and inflatable dinghy. Prevents the attachment of algae, barnacles & zebra mussels on inflatable...

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  • Poly Guard UV Protector

    Poly Guard UV Protector

    POLY GUARD UV PROTECTOR With a new space age polymer Poly Guard will give your inflatable luxurious shine, protect from UV damage, dirt, grime and more. Safe to use on Hypalon and PVC and won't attack adhesives or fabric. Not oily or greasy and wont...

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  • Inflatable Boat Bottom Spray

    Inflatable Boat Bottom Spray

    INFLATABLE BOAT BOTTOM SPRAY This is the World's first bottom boat cleaner for inflatable boats. Removes algae, barnacles and zebra mussels. Ideal for use on Hypalon, PVC, rubber, fibreglass and vinyl. Fast, easy and simple to use: Spray onto the...

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  • Inflatable Boat Cleaner

    Inflatable Boat Cleaner

    INFLATABLE BOAT CLEANER Imported from the US this is the best inflatable boat cleaner on the market. Removes dirt, grime, oil, diesel soot, bird droppings, insect marks, chalk and most stains. Ideal for use on Hypalon, PVC, rubber, fibreglass, stainless...

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