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First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits

Don't leave home without a first aid kit.  Every boatie knows the unexpected is going to happen and this stuff is critical.

Marine Grade F & G kits also available, please call for a quote.


  • First Aid Kit - Clear Box First Aid Kit Contents

    First Aid Kit

    First Aid Kit Small low risk first aid kit designed for treatment for minor injuries in a clear box. Best Coverage: 1 people Items: 20 (11 individual components) Size: L20 x W14 x H6  Weight: 400g Contents List: Plastic First Aid Box -...

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  • First Aid Kit - Small Green Box

    First Aid Kit Small Green Box

    First Aid Kit Small Green Box A great splashproof first aid kit, this one will suit small groups travelling within an hour of medical treatment. It's light, portable and can help treat minor injuries. Wounds, Grazes, Abrasions, Scratches, Cuts,...

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  • First Aid Kit - Softpack Remote Area

    First Aid Kit Softpack

    First Aid Kit Softpack  The K150 Compact Remote Area First Aid Kit provides individuals and small groups with cover when traveling away from the urban environment.This First Aid Kit is suitable for camping, bush-walking, fishing, caravan and 4WD...

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  • First Aid Manual

    First Aid Manual

    Emergency First Aid Manual When you need sound advice, John Haines First Aid Manual is a fabulous resource for first aid provisions and teaching. John has over 30year experience as a ex-mica 1 paramedic. An absolute must have with any first aid kit or...

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