What's the best way to clean and protect my clears?

What's the best way to clean and protect my clears?

Have you recently invested in new Strataglass for your boat or home? Then you should know about IMAR Protective Cleaner and IMAR Protective Polish…if not read on to find out how to protect your warranty and enjoy your clear for years to come.

To properly clean and maintain your new Strataglass products we recommend using Strataglass Protective Cleaner #301 and Strataglass Protective Polish #302 by IMAR.

Rinsing your clears:

After each use, rinse the curtains thoroughly with clear water to rinse away any salt, dust, grime, fingerprints and surface debris.  Air dry or use a high quality chamois or a microfiber towel. 

New clear vinyl products are soft and easily impressionable. Strataglass recommend that new Strataglass enclosures panels should be in the installed position and fastened securely to the boat as much as possible. Clear vinyl will strengthen over time and become less impressionable. When the boat is not in use, always close and fasten the Strataglass enclosure panels in place to prolong the life of your curtains and maintain clarity.

Cleaning Strataglass:

Strataglass recommends cleaning every 1-2 weeks. Spray the Strataglass Protective Cleaner #301 directly on the inside and outside surfaces of the Strataglass or onto a soft cotton or micro-fibre cloth. Gently wipe the Strataglass surface to clean. If necessary, buff dry with another dry clean cloth. Strataglass Protective Cleaner should always be on hand for emergency spot cleaning of any harmful liquids, sun creams, chemicals or sprays that may contact the Strataglass surface.

Polishing Strataglass

This is the most important maintenance procedure to extend the life of the curtains and maintain your warranty.  Make sure the Strataglass product is clean and dry.  Apply a light coat of Strataglass Protective Polish #302 on both the inside and outside surfaces with small, light circular motions using a soft cotton cloth or applicator pad. Allow the polish to quickly dry.  Lightly buff with a dry soft cotton or microfiber cloth to a sparkling smooth shine. The Strataglass Protective Polish should be applied every 1-2 months, especially when the enclosure is new.  Over time, with multiple applications, the polish will build up a strong protective barrier.

Use of non-authorized cleaners or protectants may damage the Strataglass and void the warranty.

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