Cleaning, waxing, polishing and keeping your pride and joy shiny and new is paramount in protecting your investment. Whether you have a particular stain, rust or miscellaneous mark or need comprehensive overall cleaning products we have tried and tested knowledge on the absolute best and most economical products to use on your boat.

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  • Wichinox Gel 250ml

    Wichinox Gel 250ml

    Wichinox Gel 250ml Its BACK! Now in a new gel formula but still based on the original phosphoric acid. Easy to apply you can now get to places that are usually hard to reach! Simply apply generously with a brush, leave to work for 5-15minutes. Rinse...

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  • Kanberra Tea Tree Oil Wipes

    Kanberra Tea Tree Oil Wipes

    Kanberra Tea Tree Wipes Kanberra Wipes are infused with natural Tea Tree Oils and other oils to eliminate odors and clean surfaces with no chemicals! Safe for kids, pets, confined spaces and with no fragrance or perfumes it is ideal for those with...

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  • 303 Multi-Surface Cleaner

    303 Multi-Surface Cleaner

    303 Multi Surface Cleaner Thoroughly clean your boat from bow to stern with the only cleaner you’ll ever need. Safe for all types of upholstery and vinyl, the marine version of 303® Multi-Surface delivers robust cleaning agents designed to...

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  • Fender Cleaner

    Fender Cleaner

    FENDER CLEANER Instant fender cleaner extra strength has been specially formulated for heavy duty action. Removes grease, grime, oil and dirt from vinyl fenders instantly!

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  • Shoe Covers

    Shoe Covers

    SHOE COVERS Heavy duty boot covers to keep the outside, outside! and inside clean and tidy. Each pack has 2 pairs.

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  • Dubarry Shoe Care Trial Pack

    Dubarry Shoe Care Trial Pack

    DUBARRY SHOE CARE TRIAL KIT You have just invested in good shoes, designed to last but they do need some care. This trial pack comes with the Cleaner, Conditioner and Protector to ensure your Dubarry's go the distance! Dubarry Cleaner Suitable for...

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  • Durawipe Glass & Surface Wipes

    Durawipe Glass & Surface Wipes

    Durawipe Glass & Surface Wipes (30wipes) One of the easiest ways to clean call your glass, kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Simply peel and re-seal to maintain freshness Ideal for use on mirrors, internal and external glass and windows Easily...

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  • Green 2 Go Just Kleen

    Green 2 Go Just Kleen

    Green 2 Go Just Kleen Cleans hard surfaces so you don't have to! Contains safe organic bacteria cultures that digest scale, dirt and soap build-up on hard surfaces in the bathroom and laundry. Spray weekly in the shower and stop scrubbing! Removes...

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  • OKO Stein

    OKO Stein

    OKO-Stein Eco-friendly and fully biodegradable polishing soap in solid form. Gently on your skin and 100% acid and phosphate-free.  Made in German it is a highly effective cleaning soap against stubborn dirt, deposits and incrustations. Using the...

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