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Boat Hooks

Boat Hooks

One of the most underestimated pieces of boating equipment you might find on your boat. The humble boat hook can be used for so many unusual things, catching mooring buoys, rescuing wayward hats, retrieving crew from the water or general hooking and unhooking however they are not always the same...

  • Boat Hook - Telescopic HD

    Boat Hook - Telescopic HD

    TELESCOPIC HOOK - HEAVY DUTY High quality Italian made telescopic boat hook. Silver anodised aluminium tubing with a large, very solid, black nylon hook head and soft hand grip. Simply rotate the shaft to extend and firmly lock the boat hook into place. ...

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  • Boat Hook -Tele Whiteline

    Boat Hook -Tele Whiteline

    "WHITELINE" PREMIUM BOAT HOOKS Premium quality, attractive, Italian made telescopic or fixed boat hook for the discerning yacht or cruiser owner. White enamelled 30mm diameter aluminium tube with grey nylon heavy duty boat hook head and soft grey hand...

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  • Boat Hook Tele 1.8-3.2Mtr

    Boat Hook Tele 1.8-3.2Mtr

    EXTRA LONG "FEND-OFF" TELESCOPIC BOAT HOOK White enamelled aluminium tube EXTRA LONG TELESCOPIC boat hook which is ideal for larger yachts or cruisers. The long length, up to 3.2 Mtr, makes it easier to pick up a buoy or reach another boat...

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