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Brushes & Brooms

There so many options and types of brushes and brooms to keep your boat clean. Check out one of the best Swobbit Cleaning System!

  • Brush Head Only 10" (Grey)

    Brush Head Only 10" (Grey)

    Brush Head Only 10" (Grey) Ideal for trucks, buses, caravans, boats etc Soft non scratch fibres Can be attached to long handle to use for the hard to reach places   Features brush all the way to the ends to ensure a comprehensive clean

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  • Wipeout Eraser with Handle

    Wipeout Eraser with Handle 2 Pack

    Wipeout Eraser with Handle 2 Pack Similar to other cleaning erasers, but with twice the thickness and specifically formulated for marine surfaces. Great for removing scuff marks from gelcoat and hold up better than other brands, particularly when used...

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  • TD Mop 5' Handle

    TD Mop 5' Handle

    TD Mop 5' Handle Made in the US for superyachts and the fussiest of clients the TD 5' Mop Handle will ensure your cleaning job leave your vessel sparkling clean! Thanks to the durable wide chamois flaps with triple layer absorption technology this TD...

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  • TD Chamois Mop Head

    TD Chamois Mop Head

    TD Chamois Mop Head With an easy snap on, snap off mop head, this mop head can be stored almost anywhere onboard or off your vessel. You can expect the same triple layered super absorption technology as all TD mops giving you the perfect mop.

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  • Scrubber Hand Held

    Scrubber Hand Held

    BOAT SCRUBBER Hand held scrubber to scrub along the waterline, deck, galley etc. Includes synthetic scouring pad with plastic hand grip. 150 x 90mm

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  • Handle -Boat Suction

    Handle - Boat Suction

    SUCTION HANDLE Holds you against the boat's hull, while in a dinghy - or diving, while you clean along the boats waterline. Firm suction grip. Blue cups with yellow handle. 230 x 100mm

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  • Swobbit Landing Net

    Swobbit Landing Net

    Perfect for retrieving overboard items or landing your fish. Net. Light to Medium weight, not intended for landing heavy fish or objects. Uni-Snap adapter attaches to Perfect Pole telescoping handle. 17" x 27" x 30"

    $54.50 $47.50
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  • Swobbit Stainless Steel Gaff Hook

    Swobbit Stainless Steel Gaff Hook

    Swobbit’s Stainless Steel Gaff hooks are designed for light duty use. Uni-Snap quick release adapter is designed to work with the Perfect Pole. Machined Stainless Steel Base and gaff hook provide the strength you need for your light duty fishing.

    $69.90 $67.85
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  • Swobbit Universal Boat Hook

    Swobbit Universal Boat Hook

     Universal Boat Hook is a multi-purpose tool for boaters, aiding in dock line retrieval, recovering overboard items and as a push pole for safer docking. Made of strong UV resistant polycarbonate. Uni-Snap quick release adapter snaps onto the...

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  • Swobbit 180-¦ Adjustable Angle Adapter

    Swobbit 180-¦ Adjustable Angle Adapter

    Attach your favorite Swobbit cleaning tool to one end, snap it onto the Perfect Pole Telescoping Handle and let the cleaning begin. Makes cleaning areas normally inaccessible with conventional tools and adapters easy to reach. Adjustable to 180 degrees...

    $23.50 $22.80
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