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  • Swobbit 7.5" Extra Soft Brush

    Swobbit 7.5" Extra Soft Brush

    Extra Soft bristles for gentle cleaning of delicate surfaces. Safe for all finishes including painted and fiberglass finishes, windows and high-polish metals. 7.5" (190mm) wide molded poly block with...

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  • Swobbit 7.5" Medium Brush

    Swobbit 7.5" Medium Brush

    Designed for cleaning teak and non-skid decks. Also great for cleaning canvas and cushions. Not recommended for glossy surfaces or plastics. 7.5" (190mm) wide molded poly block with premium quality...

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  • Swobbit 7.5" Soft Brush

    Swobbit 7.5" Soft Brush

    Our most popular brush. Perfect for general purpose cleaning of most surfaces. 7.5" (190mm) wide molded poly block with premium quality flared bristles set with corrosion resistant staples. Wrap...

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  • Swobbit 7.5"""" Stiff Brush

    Swobbit 7.5" Stiff Brush

    Ideal for teak and non-skid decks, boat bottoms and any textured surface requiring aggressive cleaning of stained and dirty surfaces. Not recommended for glossy surfaces. 7.5" (190mm) wide molded...

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  • Swobbit Aquazorber Drying Mop

    Swobbit Aquazorber Drying Mop

    Aquazorber Drying Mop. Our top of the line drying mop. Made from imported material featuring 2″ wide die cut strips for maximum absorbency. Aquazorber mops are designed for drying decks,...

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  • Swobbit Deluxe Wash Mitt

    Swobbit Deluxe Wash Mitt

    SWOBBIT DELUXE WASH MITT The Swobbit deluxe heavy duty wash mitt is perfect for all your cleaning jobs! A super plush 35oz fleece pamper all your painted and fibreglass finishes. Holds your plenty...

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  • Swobbit Dual-Axis Swivel Plate

    Swobbit Dual-Axis Swivel Plate

    Dual-axis Swivel plate features heavy duty hooks to securely attach Swobbit System scrub pads. Uni-Snap adapter is designed to work with the Perfect Pole telescoping handle. Made of durable ABS...

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  • Swobbit Hand Tool Adaptor

    Swobbit Hand Tool Adaptor

    Put boat cleaning tools in the palm of your hand. Adapter handle transforms any Swobbit® Uni-Snap™ product into a hand tool for close-in work: Around the helm, engine room, tight spaces,...

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