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A full range of torches in loads of sizes and capabilities.  The brightest 700 lumen rechargeable spotlight to your pocket torches that everyone needs.  Floating and waterproof torches are a must in the boating world and there is a full range in store on online.

  • 150 Lumen Flashlight Yellow 150 Lumen Flashlight Green

    Flashlight 150 lumen Waterproof

    Flashlight 150 lumen Waterproof  This popular torch features a waterproof and floatability design. It's constructed with shock absorbing rubber, ensuring  a slip-free comfortable grip which offers stability and durability. This torch has a...

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  • Headlamp MH5

    Headlamp MH5

    MH5 Headlamp Outdoor Headlamp Black/Grey PERFECT FOR YOUR FAVOURITE OUTDOOR SPORTS OR ADVENTURES, FLEXIBLE ENOUGH TO BE USED AS A HANDHELD AS WELL The Ledlenser MH5 delivers up to 400 lumens of bright, white light and is a great choice for outdoor...

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  • Narva Work light Rechargeable LED Torch

    Torch LED

    Torch LED Rechargeable • 7 x high intensity LEDs• 4 x hours of use at peak output (flood mode)• Lithium battery with no memory effect• 240V AC charger supplied• Rubberized housing and weatherproof switch• Pocket clip...

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  • Floating Waterproof LED Torch

    Torch LED Floating and Waterproof

    Waterproof LED Torch includes 4 x AA batteries Similar to the 'Dolphin' style of torch this one has 9 x powerful LED's. Lights up to 5 times brighter than regular krypton bulb. Easy to grip handle and recessed push button switch. Comes complete with...

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  • Folding LED Torch 160 Lumen Swivel Head

    Torch LED Folding

    Folding Torch LED Compact Super bright 3W CREE LED that can be focused to x2500 and spotlighting to 200 meters Magnet and slide on clip for multiple uses Head Swivels up and down 3 modes—Off/100%/50% 3 x AAA Included Features: Compact...

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  • Pen Light Ledlenser

    Torch P4 Core

    Led Lenser P4 Core The P4 Core is an always handy and powerful light source for the shirt pocket. The compact penlight will impress you with its strong light output and the ability to continuously focus the light beam thanks to proven Ledlenser...

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  • Ledlenser P5 Core Torch

    Torch P5 Core

    Led Lenser P5 Core Torch The P5 Core is a compact, powerful flashlight equipped with proven Ledlenser technologies such as the patented Advanced Focus System. Thanks to the functional clip and fast-access end cap switch, it is extremely versatile and...

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  • Rechargeable P6R Torch

    Torch P6R 900lumen

    Torch P6R 900lumen Rechargable The P6R Core is an all-new flashlight perfectly protected from dust and water. Its sleek design encases cutting-edge technology that provides bright views. The P6R Core is dimmable and adjustable with the innovative Smart...

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  • Work light Blinda The Blinda 600lumen worklight

    Work Light Blinda

    Blinda Work light A fabulous economically priced work light with a mega powerful 600 lumens! Adjustable handle or stand ensure this light is super user friendly. Powered by 4 x AA batteries.

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  • iW7R Work Light iW7R Work Light Supplied With

    Work Light iW7R

    Ledlenser iW7R Work Light COMPACT TORCH & AREA LIGHT IN ONE With a tilt mechanism and up to 600 lumens brightness, this powerful work light offers both a focused beam and broad area illumination in one streamlined and durable metal-coated plastic...

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