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Power Dive

  • Powerdive Deck Snorkel

    Powerdive Deck Snorkel

    All boat owners should have access to below the waterline of their vessel for emergency detangles/retrievals, boat maintenance or hull/running gear cleaning. The PowerDive DeckSnorkel hookah is a...

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  • Powerdive Double Decksnorkel

    Powerdive Double Deck Snorkel

    Powerdive Double Deck Snorkel   Whilst the PowerDive single person DeckSnorkel Hookah affords boat owners easy access to their hull and running gear for emergencies and maintenance chores, the...

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  • Powerdive Powersnorkel

    Powerdive Powersnorkel

      If you like snorkelling, you'll just love PowerDiving! With Power Dive's free-floating PowerSnorkel Hookah, you can buddy dive to 6 metres with family and friends for more than an hour on the...

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