Swobbit Premium Cleaning System

Swobbit Premium Cleaning System

Feb 14, 2020

Swobbit Premium Cleaning System

With all the rain about, it seems there is a self-cleaning system in place! Just splash some soap around and your car, boat, caravan, RV or plane will get a shower in no time!

Whilst it may seem that easy now the Swobbit Premium Cleaning System has been designed to ensure year round simplicity with one system, starting with the PERFECT POLE which adapts to all the accessories to save space, time and energy!

The secret to the Swobbit range are the Perfect Poles which are telescopic and available in 3 different sizes from 3'-6', 5'-9' and 6'-11' for easy storage and great to use, reaching all the places beyond your reach. The Perfect Pole easily attaches to all the accessories to quickly change heads and adapt to your needs.

The range of accessories includes brush heads from extra soft to stiff for all your non-skid decks, doodlebug pads also in soft, medium and course which attach to the unique dual-axis swivel plate onto the same perfect pole. Soft wash tool and replacements sheep-skin pads for all your sides, windows and delicate surfaces. The Aquazorber Drying Mop head with wide blades to absorb even more water just clips to the perfect pole once you have finished washing, no need to find another mop, simply clip and continue. Or maybe the chamois or wiper blades with the quik dry adaptor works better for you.

On out the water? Use the perfect pole's simple clip system as your boat hook, fishing net or gaff hook! The Swobbit System ensures you only need 1 very useful telescopic perfect pole and chose your accessories to make life on the water simple.

Come in and see for yourself how the system can work for you! Rated by Superyachts across the world.

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