Star Clean

Star Clean

Mar 20, 2019

Star Clean is simply the best stainless steel polish on the market. Looks like toothpaste, and even easier to use it leaves a water-repellent coating once finished to pro-long your shine.

No other product can match its results!

Application is as simple as
1 - Apply with wet sponge
2 - Rinse with water
3 - Dry with a rag - Done!

Star Clean is a powerful cleaner and protector without the need for buffing, leaving you a stunning high gloss finish. Use it on all metals, stainless, copper, brass, aluminium, chrome, gold and silver (not silver plated).

We use Star Clean on boat rails, stanchions and winches, once your done take it home and use on the kitchen sink, tapware and finally polish up the family's silver!

Quick, easy, long-lasting and non-acidic metal treatment which is kind to your skin and the environment.

Available instore and online

07 5502 8484