Restore Your Teak Decks

Restore Your Teak Decks

Jan 04, 2024

Now the sun has come back out it's time to freshen up your teak decks!

Our collection of teak cleaners offers a diverse selection of options to suit your needs. Among our offerings are Snappy Teak, Wessex Teak Cleaner and Restorer, Just Teak, and Blue Marine. These products are all 2-step solutions that have been specifically formulated to effectively clean and subsequently restore and brighten teak surfaces. To achieve optimal results, we recommend using them in conjunction with either a scourer pad or a doodlebug pad. These pads are available in three different grades of coarseness, allowing you to choose the level of scrubbing power that best suits your requirements. After completing your cleaning tasks, we offer the Semco teak sealer to safeguard your teak wood from potential stains and spills. Alternatively, you can opt for an oil or varnish to achieve a desired glossy or matte finish. These options provide an added layer of protection and enhance the overall appearance of your teak furniture or surfaces.

When it comes to spot cleaning and tackling stubborn stains like wine spills or greasy marks, K2R Spot Lifter and Stain Remover stands out as the top-notch solution. This exceptional product offers a straightforward application process - just spray it on the affected area and allow it to dry. Once dry, you can effortlessly eliminate the stain by using a stiff brush. K2R Spot Lifter and Stain Remover guarantees effective results, making it the go-to choice for quick and efficient stain removal.