Inflatable Repair Kits...PVC or Hypalon

Inflatable Repair Kits...PVC or Hypalon

May 14, 2019

You've had your trusty inflatable to get your to and from your boat, swim and dive off and now she needs a repair and the question is how or what?

Before you can look at patches and glue firstly you need to establish is your inflatable made from PVC or Hypalon?

PVC is a common product used by many production manufactured boats.
Hypalon is a rubber/neoprene material.

One test you can do to find out if your inflatable is PVC or Hypalon is look at the back of the fabric
If you can see the inside of the fabric or through the valve;
PVC is the same colour on both sides
Hypalon is dark grey/black on the inside

You can try 'sand the material' or use a 'solvent test' - use caution to prevent permanent damage to the fabric.

AZBOND C is the PVC repair adhesive and hardener designed to give you a superior glue which stands above all other tests especially in high temperature climates. 

AZBOND R is a premium neoprene adhesive and hardener that is easy to use, well-formulated and long lasting.

We stock both PVC and Hypalon glues, PVC patched and MEK solvent to ensure you end up with a professional finish.