Inflatable Megafenders for Superyachts

Inflatable Megafenders for Superyachts

Jul 09, 2018

Megafend Welded Inflatable Extreme Duty Fenders are lightweight, easily inflated and when stowed takes up minimal space!

The EDW inflatable fenders have been designed and manufactured for high-performance and durability which is only achieved by using MegaFender RF thermo-welded seam and end cap bonds - which means no glue! Giving you a fusing which overlaps and securely bonds to the material itself.

MegaFenders have superior abrasion resistance, UV resistance and anti-tear strength which delivers you long-lasting durability and when not in use easily deflate and store in minimal space.

Compare EDW inflatable fenders with standard Hypalon fenders for strength and abrasion resistance Comparison Chart - Polyurethane vs. Hypalon

Available in 4 different sizes:

Super Large $599.00 - 50.80cm x 132.08cm
Large $485.00 45.72cm x 114.3cm
Medium $457.00 40.64cm x 106.68cm
Small $336.00 30.48cm x 106.68cm

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