Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day

Feb 05, 2020

Love in the air at Australian Boating Supplies! If you are looking for a romantic or practical gift, check out our Valentines Day Specials!

Old Skipper keyrings and bracelets are classy, elegant, timeless, stylish and practical. Made in Italy each item is handcrafted each with its own design and size. These unique gifts have been designed to specifically belong to their unique owner.

The 2020 Mariners Diary is the perfect personalized gift. It is over 200pages of useful boating information from anchoring, navigation, safety regulations and contacts and recognising lights at night to have within easy reach when you need it the most, plus a day to day diary for all those special dates, which doubles as a log book to keep track of all your adventures either on the water or at the office. 

Maybe something cheeky....our 130mm bronze bell is just beautiful for your boat or to hang at your front door. Bring back those fond memories every time you come home.

However your spend this Valentines Day, make sure you spend it with someone who rings your bell!