Feb 24, 2020

What's a Dan-Fender?

Made in Denmark Dan-Fender have been world leaders in heavy-duty fenders for the leisure, fishing, aquaculture, commercial, navy and coast guard since 1982. Dan-Fender produce a comprehensive and innovative range of products designed to fully meet the expectation of their customers from dingy to superyachts to commercial vessels.

Dan-Fender prides themselves on the quality of each fender and does not compromise in either choice of materials or the manufacturing process. Dan-Fender looks at 3 consideration when judging quality - rope attachment, valve system and fender body.

All heavy-duty fenders use solid-injection moulded eyes for the rope attachment which have been proven to be solid and long-lasting. The valve system is German-produced with replaceable metal valves which are protected by screw covers to prevent corrosion. Every fender is tested for leaks in water tanks prior to final packaging and delivery. 

Dan-Fenders meet the ISO 9001 Quality System Certification assuring world-wide Dan-Fenders are recognised for their quality. 

'The Difference is Our Quality'

We proudly stock Dan-Fenders, covers and fender lanyards in-store and will happily pump them up for you ready for your boat.

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