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Advice and Information

Advice and Information

Do you have questions or not sure which products to use for best results? Here we have complied some useful information to make your days on the water even easier. From day boats, cruising, racing or superyachts let us help you.

What should I look for in a boat wash?

Boat washes come in a variety of combinations from straight washes, wash and waxes, restore and protect. Read on to learn more.

What if my boat has gone chalky?

- Acid wash, cut and polish and then wax

How do I know if I need to cut and polish my boat? and what do I use?

- Banana Wax 

What is the best product for my clears/strataglass?

How to tackle rust stains?

How to make my stainless steel shiny?

What's the best product for my teak?

What size anchor do I need?

What size fender do I need for my boat?

 What the difference between hull cleaners?

 - One is alkaline and the other is acid. Alkaline is good for growth, stain-removing go with acid. Hull cleaner will remove all wax