Restore & Protect

  • Leather Lux 750ml

    Leather Lux 750ml

    LEATHER LUX 750ml Made from a special formulation of silicone and waxes Leather Lux leave leather soft, supple revived and conditioned for along life. Ideal for leather in cars, boats, furniture and shoes.

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  • 303 Aerospace Protectant 946ml

    303 Aerospace Protectant 946ml

    303 AEROSPACE PROTECTANT 946ml The most powerful UV surface screening formula ever developed. Regular use of 303 Aerospace Protectant provides 100% prevention of UV caused slow-fade. It is nontoxic, silicone free and biodegradable Lasts 4 to 10...

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  • Ronstan Gelcoat Restorer

    Ronstan Gelcoat Restorer

    RONSTAN GELCOAT RESTORER *NOTE: Australia Post classes Ronstan Gelcoat Restorer as 'Dangerous Goods', please contact us for postage details if you would like to purchase.  Ideal for restoring fibreglass to its original colour. Removes difficult...

  • 3M Restorer & Wax 473ml

    3M Restorer & Wax 473ml

    3M Restorer & Wax 473ml Removes oxidation Polishes to restore your shine and colour Unique formula combined a rubbing compound and a wax Recommended for marine and RV's

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  • Non-Skid Deck Cleaner with PTEF

    Non-Skid Deck Cleaner with PTEF

    Non-Skid Deck Cleaner with PTEF The most effective non-skid surface cleaner. Made with special chelating agents is easily loosens dirt and spills without the need for heaving scrubbing. Protective polymers provide a barrier against future stains making...

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  • VuPlex Plastic Cleaner & Anti-Static Polish

    VuPlex Plastic Cleaner & Anti-Static Polish

    VuPlex Plastic Cleaner & Anti-Static Polish An easy and effective way to clean, protect and polish clear and coloured plastics. VuPlex effortlessly removes stains that other cleans won't touch by applying a micro-layer of protectant, sealing the...

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  • Poly Guard UV Protector

    Poly Guard UV Protector

    POLY GUARD UV PROTECTOR With a new space age polymer Poly Guard will give your inflatable luxurious shine, protect from UV damage, dirt, grime and more. Safe to use on Hypalon and PVC and won't attack adhesives or fabric. Not oily or greasy and wont...

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  • Rupp Aluma Guard

    Rupp Aluma Guard

    ALUMA GUARD ONE-STEP PROTECTANT   Aluma Guard One-Step Protectant is the easy and safe way to restore and preserve aluminum and other metals including stainless steel, brass and chrome. Specially formulated by Rupp Marine, Aluma Guard® forms a...

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  • Hull Stain Remover 946 Ml

    Hull Stain Remover 946 Ml

    HULL STAIN REMOVER Penetrates and instantly removes deep stains, rust and growth from fibreglass and aluminium surfaces without scrubbing. Contains Oxalic Acid. Strong and efffective - but safe to use.

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  • S/S Rejuvinator 250Ml

    S/S Rejuvinator 250Ml

    S/S REJUVENATE AND PROTECT Aquaviro Professional Stainless Steel Rejuvenator and Protector is a new generation type of product derived from natural and vegetable sources. A light yellow clear liquid , Aquaviro Professional

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  • S/S Cleaner/Prepare 500Ml

    S/S Cleaner/Prepare 500Ml

    STAINLESS STEEL CLEAN AND PREPARE Aquaviro Professional Stainless Steel Cleaner & Preparer is designed to thoroughly clean, in one operation, stainless steel and a wide variety of other hard surfaces, without deleterious effect on

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  • Hull Clean AHC 25 Ltr

    Hull Clean AHC 25 Ltr

    AQUAVIRO HULL CLEANER Aquaviro Hull Cleaner (AHC) is a 'non acid' rust & scale remover / cleaner. AHC contains no strong mineral acids, is non-fuming under normal use, is non-corrosive to the skin and is safe on fibre glass, gelcoa

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